Why you should be updating your website regularly

It’s been said on this blog many times before, but in this day and age every business and organisation should have a website. When we undertake a new web design project for someone we always try to make clear the importance of looking after that website when it’s completed.

Looking after a website isn’t just keeping systems up to date with new releases, or keeping on top of security. One of the main aspects of looking after a website is to regularly update it with fresh, exciting, and meaningful content. This is how you keep customers engaged and how you entice new ones. So here’s why you should be updating your website regularly. 

it's easier than ever.

Gone are the days of having to dive into raw HTML files and understand the basics of the language simply to be able to add bits of text and images to pages. Even when WordPress became a popular CMS you still had to have a working understanding of your theme’s ‘shortcodes’.

Whilst not technically ‘coding’, shortcodes could still be quite complex and intimidating to less technically minded website owners. As such, many websites still went unchanged from the moment they were signed off by the original web designer.

Assuming your website has been built with you, the owner, in mind it should be easy to update. Over the last few years the simplicity of ‘drag and drop’ page builders have changed the game. No technical knowledge is now required not only to update your current website pages, but also to create whole new ones exactly how you want.

Website Design Framework

Simple drag and drop system without any coding at all.

Updating your website is now as simple as dragging a box from one location on your screen to another. However, as accessible and simple as updating your website may be, there is still the ever present constraint of time. And some people simply will not have the time to be able to look after and update their website.

If this is the case, nearly all web design agencies and freelance web designers will offer maintenance contracts to do it all for you. This is well worth considering as having a regularly updated website has numerous benefits.

good customer impression.

Your website is there to provide your customers with information about your business and its services. Your business will more than likely evolve and change over time, offering new products and services, employing new people and maybe even expanding to new locations.

This is all information that customers need to know about. If someone is looking for a builder who does roofing work they’re going to look for local builders online. The first thing they’re looking for is the services you offer on your website. Perhaps when you launched your website you didn’t undertake roofing work for whatever reason, but now you do.

If you haven’t updated your website to include this new service then new customers aren’t going to get in touch with you about their project. Updating your website will increase lead generation.

Updating your website with new services and information is great as it means customers always know what you offer at any given time. It’s also great as a regularly updated website shows that your business is still active and very much thriving.

Abandoned shop

Your website is your shopfront. Make it look loved.

People are much more likely to choose one business over another if that business is seen to be constantly active and busy. A stale, unloved website gives the impression that the business may also be stale, which is not a great impression to give.

updating your website will improve your social activity.

It’s common knowledge that having a website simply isn’t enough when it comes to your online presence. Social media is integral to our day to day lives, and chances are it’s a lot of peoples only interaction with the web each day.

Being active on social media really can help grow you business online. But what are you meant to be posting about if you have a stale website that hasn’t been updated since launch? Obviously you can keep all of the information within the post, but that’s going to be limiting. You could also retweet other people or share links to other websites with information that your customers will find useful.

Charity Social Media

Sharing content on social media is a great way to build traffic.

One of the beauties of social media is that it can drive a lot of traffic towards your website. If you write a new blog post for your website and share it, a couple of good retweets from influential people can be enough to get the ball rolling, and soon enough you have hundreds of people reading your post.

Not only will some of these people be potential new customers, but search engines like to see websites that have traffic going to them, and rewards them for it.

search engines will notice.

Whilst updating your website is great for your customers, it’s not the only reason to do it. A key reason for having a website in the first place is so your business can be found on search engines.

Climbing those search engines is not an easy task to accomplish. There are countless variables to consider and a lot of work both on, and off your website. However, Google in particular, is putting a lot of focus on ranking websites that provide users with good, clear and useful content.

This is where regular blogging and updating your website comes into play. Adding new case studies to your portfolio outlining the services you carried out for that client is providing new, relevant content to your website based around the key terms you would like to rank for.

A monthly blog is another great way to pump out content which you can share on social media for your users to read, whilst also giving search engines something new to digest and index. It’s well worth getting into the habit of giving your website at least a monthly update of some form and if you’re not already, start now.

are you struggling updating your website?

Hopefully from reading this you’ve come to the conclusion that you need to be updating your website more regularly. Great! If you don’t have the time or the knowledge to do so, we’re more than happy to talk you through your options.

Whether it’s a maintenance contract, or perhaps a blogging plan and schedule or maybe it’s even time to start on a new web design for your business to allow you better control. We can help you maximise the potential of your website.

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Mark is a logo design and brand identity specialist, and founder of Foundation Design Agency. He has worked for many years as a freelance logo designer operating www.thelogomark.co.uk. He has a passion for all aspects of brand identity design as well as being a keen NFL fan and occasional songwriter.

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