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Warmest Welcome are a modern, forward thinking group of care homes based in Yorkshire, with care homes across the county. They asked for our help to design and develop them a new online presence that shows them to be the friendly, caring, and professional organisation that they are.
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skills utilised.

responsive website design.

For this web design project we needed to strike a balance. On one hand, the website needed to be clean and clinical, so as to be instantly recognisable as healthcare. On the other hand it needed to be welcoming, warm, and friendly to reflect the ethos and day to day operation of the homes.

We chose a colour palette that had hints of healthcare industry, but that was also bright, invigorating and above all else, enticing. 

This was combined with simple, easy to follow page layouts which provide information quickly to the user. When placed alongside prominent, inviting photos of the care homes users instantly get a good feel for what Warmest Welcome can off them and their family.