oxus aviation.

Oxus Aviation is a company that specialises in the brokering of deals between airlines, and the sourcing of planes and engines for their clients.They wanted a logo that would represent them without falling into the bracket of cliched airline identity.
Oxus Aviation Logo - Colour
Oxus Aviation Logo - White
Oxus Aviation Symbol - Colour

what we did.

logo design & branding.

An abstract representation of an aircraft was chosen as the way to reflect Oxus Aviation in the logo. We utilised the wings of an aircraft as a basis from which to create a multi-directional arrow symbol.

By having one arrow facing ‘North’ and one facing ‘South’, the connection to the brokering service provided by Oxus Aviation is apparent in the movement of the symbol. It also offers a reference to the global coverage of the business and the multi-directional approach of the business.

client comment.

It has been a joy to work with Foundation on the design of our logo. They understood exactly what we wanted and his designs were well thought out and very much in line with our company ethos. Communication and work was conducted in a timely manner with utmost professionalism. We knew we were in good hands from first point of contact and very happy with the finished product. We will no doubt be using them for all future graphic design needs. Thank you Foundation!