When it comes to helping charities raise more funds, +moregiving are a great choice. They are experts in charity marketing, PR, and also have an online fundraising system that allows users to set up their own events. They commissioned us to revamp their logo design and brand identity, and also create a brand new website showcasing what they offer.
+moregiving Logo - Colour
+moregiving Logo - White
+moregiving Website - Homepage
+moregiving Website - Charities
+moregiving Fundraising Picture
+moregiving Success Picture
+moregiving Website - Businesses
+moregiving Website - Tablet
+moregiving Fundraising Picture

what we did.

responsive website design.

We designed and built a fresh and exciting website for +moregiving that instantly sells the services, ethos and approach of the company. The website was crafted to work seamlessly across mobile devices while further embedding the new brand identity we had created.

logo design & branding.

Undertaking a brand revamp requires careful research into just how far from the original you can stray, so as not to loose brand recognition. During this process we opted to follow the existing logo format, but refine it into a more elegant design. We also introduced a bold new colour scheme which works cohesively but can also be used to differentiate between the multiple services offered by +moregiving.

Foundation has given us exactly what we needed – a website that is clear, informative and gets our brand message across. Easy to work with and flexible about making the functionality work the way we wanted, Foundation has delivered what we were promised.