Equipe are a large multi-facility gym and fitness centre. The centre provides pilates classes, spin classes, strength and conditioning and a social hub. Whatever your fitness goals Equipe has the solution for you in a modern and welcoming environment.
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Gladiator Strength
P1 - Pilates
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skills utilised.

logo design & branding.

The logo was designed around the three main aspects of the gym, which are also its sub-brands: p1, velocity, and gladiator.

A triangle was a great start as it allowed other aspects to be introduced. By splitting the triangle into 3 separate sections surrounding a central negative space triangle is a good reflection of the way the gym will be in reality. 3 individual gym classes based around a central social hub.

In addition to the representation of the physical layout of the gym, the symbol is also identifiable as a ‘play symbol’. This is to symbolise the forward progression that members will go through during their time at Equipe.