Brand cohesion – why it’s important

Your brand is your business, and it should be looked after with great care. It’s the face of your company and represents it across all mediums, to all people. As such it’s important that you take the time to start as you mean to go on. Creating a strong and recognisable brand identity is a great way of delivering your brand to customers. However, this brand identity needs to remain consistent throughout in order to create good brand cohesion.

what is brand cohesion?

In a nutshell brand cohesion ensures that your brand message is always delivered. Customers will always instantly recognise an advert, flyer, website design, or any other material as being distinctly ‘you’. Initially brand cohesion can start by having a solid brand identity that is applied across all in-house and external material.

This should mean that your brand is at the very least visually cohesive. However, brand cohesion goes beyond just the visuals of how your identity is applied. It’s making sure that your brand message is delivered effectively at all times. Whether this is via language used, marketing delivery system, music style, or the type of imagery used, the message should always be the same.

No matter what a customer is looking at that relates to your brand it must be instantly ‘you’.

benefits of brand cohesion.

Having good brand cohesion comes with a host of upsides. Good brand cohesion will bring good brand awareness, and make your brand more easily recognisable. A strong, recognisable and cohesive brand will build trust with customers and this is something that should be highly valued.

Another benefit of keeping things cohesive is that it should mean that any web design agency or graphic design agency should easily be able to know what you’re all about. This then makes life easier when it comes to creating new marketing campaigns or designs as there is already a cohesive brand to work from.

There really isn’t a downside to having a cohesive brand and it could be easier than you think to start implementing within your own business.

how to implement brand cohesion.

Let’s start with the basics. Do you currently have an effective logo design? Has a brand identity been built around this logo so that you have some form of visual cohesion to your brand? If you do then great! (if not then head over to our contact page and see how we can help).

Assuming you have a brand identity then it should be being applied to throughout all of your marketing avenues. This is the first thing to ensure. If all of your materials have visual cohesion we can then move onto what you’re asking or telling customers.

How your brand interacts with customers is equally as important as how it looks. Make sure you interact with customers in a similar way by using the same language and styles of writing. If you’re a no nonsense efficient business then let this ethos shine through. Keep your wording and language direct and to the point. Keep it ‘no nonsense and efficient’.

It’s easy to forget these basics, or not even give them a second thought to begin with. But if you truly want your business to grow then you need to not only think about brand cohesion, you need to be applying it.

we can you you create a cohesive brand.

If you’ve decided that your brand could do with becoming more cohesive then we’re here to help! Get in touch for a free consultation and find out how we can help develop a more effective, cohesive brand for your business.

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Mark is a logo design and brand identity specialist, and founder of Foundation Design Agency. He has worked for many years as a freelance logo designer operating He has a passion for all aspects of brand identity design as well as being a keen NFL fan and occasional songwriter.

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