They were once a staple in the wallets of a good proportion of people. From business owners and freelancers to everyone in between. Business cards were everywhere and everyone felt the need to have one. However, in a world of technology and smartphones they appear becoming less common in day to day life. Why is this? Are business cards dead? Or do we need to change our views on the once king of contact.

smartphones killed the business card.

Smartphones have been a constant in our day to day lives now for over a decade. They go everywhere with us and do just about anything we want them to do. They make our lives so much easier in so many ways. One such way is that we can swap and store contact information with one another with a simple tap.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of contacts all beautifully organised and easily accessed within the palm of your hand. It’s great! Inevitably many people no longer felt the need to carry and hand out a business card with their details. After all, the person you give it to is likely to simply enter your details into their phone and bin the business card right?

Smartphone Contact Entry

Well, there are issues when it comes to sharing your contact information via smartphones. Whilst it is possible to share your contact information with a simple ‘bump’ of a phone, it requires configuration and not everyone has this ready to go. As a result you will have to stand there and tell someone your contact information whilst they manually type it in, which is time consuming, and can be a little awkward.

A business card can simply be handed to someone you meet and they can then take it away and store those details at a time more suited to them. This allows you to spend more time actually talking to them and letting them know more about you and your company.

business cards offer a personal touch.

Handing over a business card

One of the main reasons I do not feel business cards are dead is because they offer a personal connection between people. When you meet a new contact one of the best things you can do is make a great first impression. Assuming you’ve done this and you want to leave your contact details then a business card is fantastic.

A well designed business card will have a bit of you in it and when someone looks at it in the future they’re more likely to remember you as a person, not just a number, and remember that great impression you made.

instant impact and message.

Many people ask ‘are business cards dead?’ because they possibly don’t see that the purpose of a business card is so much more than simply handing over contact details. A business card provides a new contact with an instant message of who you are and what you do. It should excite and intrigue them and make them want to find out more about your business. Simple digits and a name in a phonebook will not do this.

On top of a great looking card another great way that business cards can aid you is in an alternate function. In the past I’ve seen examples of business cards from bars that metal and incorporate a bottle opener within the design, a great method of ensuring people keep your business card on them as it serves a secondary, and very useful purpose!

The possibilities are almost endless, assuming there is enough creativity in the design process and budget available for manufacturing.

a business card carries forward your brand.

The cornerstone of you business is your brand. It’s who you are and how people perceive you. A good brand will have a solid brand identity to engage customers on a visual level. Handing over a well designed business card that ties perfectly with your brand identity is a great way to solidify your brand.

Customers will see your business card, sporting your logo design and your brand identity as a whole. From here they will be directed to your website, which again carries on this cohesive brand identity. This instills trust in your customer that your company is a well run professional outfit.

To me this is one of the most important aspect of a business card, and why the question of ‘are business cards dead?’ is an easy one to answer.

are business cards dead?

In short no, I don’t believe they are. And I don’t think they’re going anywhere anytime soon either. There are just so many pros to having a well designed business card that it seems counter intuitive not to have one!

Obviously there are a couple of negatives to consider here. You will have to get a business card designed, but assuming you’re invested in your brand this should have been covered already. You will have to carry a couple more bits of card on your person at all times, but again this is hardly a big deal. One factor that is worth noting is an environmental one. It’s clearly better to be as green as possible when it comes to most things in life. Your business cards can also be eco-friendly as there are many places offering business cards printed on fully recycled card.

On the whole, the positives outweigh the few negatives here by a good margin. Long live the business card!

are you looking for a new business card design?

If you’re of the same thinking and you feel business cards are not dead and you need some new ones for your business then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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