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Welcome to the Foundation design blog. Here you will find articles and insights about anything and everything to do with web design, brand and logo design. As well as information and opinions on photography and how to improve your marketing campaigns.

Value your website photography

We’ve written before about the importance of small business website design and GP surgery website design. They’re your shopfront and need to look their best. Outside of the actual layout and design of the website one of the most important aspects in creating a website is the imagery on it. Website photography plays a critical role...
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Top 5 WooCommerce extensions

Here at Foundation we love WordPress, that’s how we build all of our websites. When it comes to an e-commerce solution, we love WooCommerce. It’s an incredibly powerful yet simple to use platform from which to sell products on your WordPress website. As good as WooCommerce is though, it still has its limitations out of...
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Why you should be updating your website regularly

It’s been said on this blog many times before, but in this day and age every business and organisation should have a website. When we undertake a new web design project for someone we always try to make clear the importance of looking after that website when it’s completed. Looking after a website isn’t just...
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Do I still need branded business stationery?

I recently wrote about whether or not I thought business cards were dead and it seemed like a natural progression to include typical branded business stationery sets in the same discussion. So the question is whether or not you still need branded stationery sets? Or have they had their day? 
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Pre-built WordPress themes are not your enemy

Within the world of web design you’re going to run into a couple of different camps. Those who love WordPress, and those who loathe it. Both have some good points to make for their case, and it’s hard to argue with either. At the end of the day for us it boils down to personal...
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Brand cohesion – why it’s important

Your brand is your business, and it should be looked after with great care. It’s the face of your company and represents it across all mediums, to all people. As such it’s important that you take the time to start as you mean to go on. Creating a strong and recognisable brand identity is a...
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Top 5 WordPress plugins

When it comes to website design there are so many different approaches to take. Here at Foundation we’re a fan of WordPress, and many of its plugins. There is so much out there that the large majority of functionality you require for your website is already there and ready to go. Because there is so much...
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Are business cards dead?

They were once a staple in the wallets of a good proportion of people. From business owners and freelancers to everyone in between. Business cards were everywhere and everyone felt the need to have one. However, in a world of technology and smartphones they appear becoming less common in day to day life. Why is this?...
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Planning website content

A great website design will only ever be as successful as the content it’s displaying. Very often people value the appearance of their website, along with other marketing materials, more than what it’s actually saying to customers. Planning website content is a crucial aspect of any website design project. Making a website look fantastic is...
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