the brief.

Total Tree Fall wanted to make an impact in the garden maintenance sector, by providing the highest quality of service and professionalism. They needed a brand identity and web presence that reflected this philosophy.

website design.

brand identity.

logo design & branding.

As with any project, we started by doing research into Total Tree Fall’s (TTF) competition to see what sort of logo designs, brand identities and website designs they had. This ensured that what we created for TTF would be unique, and most importantly stand out in a competitive and saturated market.

We noticed that the large majority of companies opted for some sort of imagery or icon in their logos, often depicting leaves, grass or other plant life easily associated with gardening. This is a very overused method and something that needed to be avoided in order to achieve the goals of the project.

Our approach was to go for a very simplistic, but memorable typographic solution to their logo design. A clean bold font was used and the by slanting the 2 L’s at the end of the logo we created a simple, yet impactful representation of tree surgery, a key element of the business, and its name.

Along with the logo design we created a simple brand identity incorporating a new colour scheme, based around the natural colours found in the garden, and a stationery package utilising this. We used coloured striping, often seen on finely mown grass, at 45 degree angles in all stationery items to reflect the falling L’s of the logo design.

Hex: #20421e / RGB: 32 66 30 / CMYK: 85 47 99 55
Hex: #4aa037 / RGB: 74 160 55 / CMYK: 74 10 99 1
Hex: #5b4813 / RGB: 91 72 19 / CMYK: 48 54 99 54

responsive website design.

Whilst discussing the website design aspect of the project with TTF we discovered that they wanted the site to be as simple, and to the point as possible. TTF don’t feel the need to overwhelm customers with masses of information and endless pictures because, as the end of the day, everyone knows what a well-trimmed hedge looks like.

It was important to get across what TTF offers, and what makes them the right choice for a consumer. The new website also needed to clearly outline the geographical area that TTF covers and a method by which to contact them. 

The website design uses the colour scheme created for the brand identity, and sympathetically uses imagery to enhance the users experience, without dominating it.

The website was built using a responsive framework ensuring it works perfectly across all devices. It is also built using a comprehensive content management system utilising a powerful, yet simple to use drag and drop page builder system. By keeping the website to a single page we ensured that it loads quickly when using a mobile device on a data signal, improving the user experience.

client comment.

Thoroughly impressed by the work carried out by the Foundation team on my website and branding. I had some basic ideas as to what I wanted in terms of logo and website, but not a lot. Foundation were able to build on the limited information given to produce a complete product that is perfect for my business.

They were always available to answer any questions or queries I had throughout the project, and the work was carried out in a very reasonable time frame. I thought the work Foundation completed for me was excellent value for money and I am completely confident that my new website and logo will take my business to the next level.

Neil Whitham

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