the brief.

We were tasked with creating the entire public image of The Olive Grove, everything from the logo design through to their website design and marketing materials. The overall feel for the brand had to be rustic and in keeping with the appearance of the restaurant and authentic Mediterranean food they serve.

website design.

brand identity.

corporate photography.

logo design & branding.

When starting out on this project we knew that creating consistent branding that was instantly recognisable as rustic, and authentic Mediterranean was crucial. Starting with the logo design we decided to make the typography prominent. By using a traditional script typeface the logo instantly grabs people as being more traditional, which is important to the overall image of the business.

This was combined with a simple olive branch and 2 olives to really drive home the Mediterranean theme of the restaurant along with the colour scheme of olive green and a rustic, natural brown.

Throughout the branding we used a textured ‘aged paper’ background to all print and web material to instantly give the feeling of being back in a small Spanish village in times before modern technology.

In order to bring a vibrancy to the brand, the corporate photography was shot to be as bright and colourful as possible utilising the décor of the restaurant, and the dishes produced, to offset against the more muted tones of the corporate colour scheme and aged paper texture.

Colour version of The Olive Grove logo design
White version of The Olive Grove logo design
Hex: #a8b340 / RGB: 168 179 64 / CMYK: 39 17 94 1
Hex: #916f3d / RGB: 145 111 61 / CMYK: 37 51 85 18
The Olive Grove business card
The Olive Grove leaflet
Handmade pizza.
Olive Grove garden decoration.

website design.

The website design for The Olive Grove had to strike a balance between staying true to the rustic feel created during the branding process, whilst at the same time falling in line with current website design standards, and utilising layouts that a user would find familiar and comfortable.

Using the aged paper as a background throughout the entire site gives the impression to the user of reading from an old printed leaflet or poster, as opposed to a modern website.

One crucial aspect to the website design was having a menu that the user could access easily on mobile devices. This ruled out a PDF download, and a responsive menu was built into the pages to allow easy access.

Olive Grove Website - Homepage
Olive Grove Website - Menu Page

client comment.

We could not be happier with the decision to let foundation refresh our brand identity, everything just looks so much more complete and cohesive than before. This combined with our fantastic new website has had a dramatic impact on the amount of bookings we have had. The team at foundation are a joy to work with and really take the time to get to know you and that shows in the level of work they produce, and the customer service they offer. Thank you so much!

Martyn Wilkinson

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