the brief.

Riverside Health Centre needed help in improving their online presence and service to their patients, allowing them to find information in a more efficient and streamlined manner. Along with a library of corporate photography for use on the website and in printed materials such as newsletters.

website design.

corporate photography.

website design.

A key goal of the Riverside website design was to ensure that the new site was as easily accessible and navigable as possible. As a doctor’s surgery deals with people from all aspects of life it’s essential that users of all ages and technical knowledge can easily understand what’s in front of them.

Large areas of white space, with clear sectioned areas of type allow users to quickly identify the information they require and act upon it, this was combined with imagery designed to both inform and comfort the user that Riverside is somewhere that will look after their needs.

The website was built on a fully responsive framework to ensure that it works great regardless of what device it is viewed on, allowing great accessibility. Furthering the accessibility is a language translate option which gives users who may not speak fluent English the ability to utilise all of the websites content and features.

During this project we moved Riverside to a new content management system so that they can keep the website fully up to date, which is essential in the healthcare industry. Since launching the new website Riverside have managed to maintain the website to a high standard demonstrating the ease of which the CMS can be used, even by people with no prior training.

corporate photography.

To accompany the website design that we undertook for Riverside was a library of corporate images for the surgery to use throughout their marketing materials. It was made clear to us that the photos needed to be a true representation of the surgery and not overly produced.

It was important to capture what the surgery is all about, which is helping patients. As such, staff-patient interaction was a key element of the project. Capturing the relaxed nature of the interactions to demonstrate the professionalism and competence of the staff at Riverside.

client comment.

From the minute we started working with Foundation Mark really went out of his way to make sure our thoughts were heard and made those visions a reality. As an NHS practice our website needed to be designed with our patients in mind to make their experience as smooth as possible. The final website design was perfect for us, and the photography really shows off the real Riverside, which is exactly what we wanted. Thank you to both Pete and Mark for their hard work on this for us.

Emma James
Deputy Practice Manager

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