the brief.

PRO Building Control is a new company within the building regulations and fire risk assessment industry. They approached us looking to create a logo and brand identity to represent them. It needed to be strong and have a connection to the work that PRO undertakes.

brand identity.

logo design & branding.

When starting a logo design and brand identity project it’s always crucial to find out from the client exactly what the vision for their company is. After our initial meeting with PRO it became clear that they wanted a brand image that would see them compete with the larger, more established companies already within the sector.

It was made apparent that clean lines, along with plenty of whitespace, was a preferred style. Similar to that associated with architects. This makes perfect sense considering the sector PRO work within.

For this project we opted to go for a standard logo form with a symbol arranged left, and type to the right. This is a strong, reliable, and trusted formula for a logo and something that represents PRO well. The logo symbol itself is split into 3 sections: the bottom outlined square being the foundations of a building; the top solid square being the structure of the building; the dotted tick representing a fire route within the building.

The theory behind this was to include all aspects of work undertaken by PRO within a neat, simple, and easy to recognise symbol that can work with or without text.

Hex: #22A57B / RGB: 34 165 123 / CMYK: 77 5 63 0
Hex: #1C795C / RGB: 28 121 92 / CMYK: 85 29 71 13
Hex: #86C8B3 / RGB: 135 200 180 / CMYK: 51 0 36 0
Hex: #AF2180 / RGB: 176 33 128 / CMYK: 34 98 1 0
Hex: #93236E / RGB: 147 35 110 / CMYK: 48 100 19 4
Hex: #CF76AD / RGB: 207 119 173 / CMYK: 18 64 0 0
Hex: #2664A8 / RGB: 39 100 169 / CMYK: 88 58 4 0
Hex: #233E77 / RGB: 35 62 119 / CMYK: 100 83 22 7
Hex: #568BC2 / RGB: 87 140 195 / CMYK: 69 37 5 0

client comment.

After an initial meeting to draw out PRO’s position in the construction industry, our services provided and our approach to client support, Foundation met every self imposed deadline with a creative eye and a friendly approach. We are thrilled with the results.

Foundation have translated perfectly all our discussions, the resulting logo philosophy and designs for PRO’s key business documentation communicates our desire to deliver personable, competent and trustworthy consultancy services. Thank you, I’m sure we’ll need your input again in the future!

Richard Cann

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