the brief.

Ladies Fitness and Wellness (LFW) approached us to redesign, and freshen up their brand identity and logo design. They needed something more vibrant, modern, and in keeping with their unique approach to the women's fitness industry.

website design.

brand identity.

corporate photography.

brand identity.

Firstly, when undertaking the brand identity revamp for LFW, we addressed the issue with the corporate colour scheme. The previous scheme was very muted and dull, using a lot of pastel shades of lilac and purple, which whilst feminine and appealing to a female audience weren’t striking enough to instantly grab someone’s attention.

We addressed this by using a bright magenta as the core colour of the LFW brand, which could be used for the logo design when in monochrome form.

To break up the monotony of having large amounts of magenta and white 2 further accent colours were added to the corporate colour scheme, a vibrant blue and green.

Magenta was chosen as the base colour as it has a lot of impact when used against white, and is instantly associated with a business directed solely at a female market. Blue was used due to its instant connection with health and wellbeing, and green due to its connotations with healthy eating and a balanced diet. These 3 colours, and subsequent shades cover all of the aspects of the LFW business model.

Hex: #ec008c / CMYK: 1 99 1 0
Hex: #ed5da0 / CMYK: 1 79 1 0
Hex: #0f68d1 / CMYK: 84 60 0 0
Hex: #32a6f7 / CMYK: 65 24 0 0
Hex: #328f12 / CMYK: 81 20 100 6
Hex: #71bf44 / CMYK: 60 0 100 0

layouts & stationery.

The fitness industry is all about impact and results; because of this the LFW brand needed to be bold and striking. Alongside the vibrant new colour scheme we chose to use big, bold headings to all in-house and marketing material. This instantly grabs people’s attention and makes them interested in what’s on offer.

This, combined with the newly developed colour scheme, and large areas of white space provides a modern, clean, fun and effective visual impact designed to inspire customers and allow them to trust that LFW is the solution to their fitness and wellbeing needs.

marketing & advertising.

When starting work on the new marketing materials and marketing strategy for LFW it was imperative that work produced matched seamlessly with the brand identity already created. Across all materials the large headings are clearly visible at the tops of pages and the corporate colour scheme is used throughout.

Content was kept to a minimum in an effort to instantly grab people’s attention and make information easy to digest. When and what to advertise was also given careful analysis and a plan put in place to release a steady stream of marketing throughout the year focused on seasons and special occasions, for example Christmas, and New Year.

website design.

After work had been completed on the LFW brand identity revamp it was time to get started applying that new vibrant and fresh image to their online presence. The existing LFW website had been left stagnant for a long time and massively needed bringing back up to date. This went beyond just the appearance. The new website needed to be made responsive bringing it in line with current standards, as well as being built on a content management system allowing LFW to keep on top of updates much easier.

One thing we noticed about the existing LFW website was that there was a lot of information on it, not all of which was relevant or necessary to the user. Our aim was to streamline the entire website directing users easily to the information they require, with no extra barriers in their way. The website now only contains information relevant to the current gyms that are open, and the services they offer, along with contact information and opening hours. Everything a user would need to know, nothing more. 

brand focused design.

It’s important that the strength and vibrancy of the new LFW brand identity was carried over seamlessly into the website design. This did pose some issues with the fact a lot of the LFW brand is based on right aligned elements, which would look odd when it comes to being viewed online. 

By using the same strips of magenta, combined with the same big, bold charcoal headings, and overall spacing style of the pages, we brought the essence of the brand through into the online presence.

responsive design.

Gym members are generally an active and on-the-go type of person. As such, the LFW website needed to be accessed when on-the-go. The new LFW website scales beautifully and is designed to look as appealing and impactful on a full HD monitor as it does on a tablet or phone.

As well as the obvious benefits of the new website now being accessible to the 60% of web users who browse via a mobile device, the new design won’t be punished by search engines for not being optimised for mobile displays. In a competitive industry this is essential.

content management system (CMS).

Any website needs to be kept up to date with relevant information. This not only benefits customers, but also search engine rankings. For LFW we used WordPress as our core CMS combined with a simple to use drag and drop page builder and powerful admin panel.

This allows LFW to take control of all aspects of their website. Existing content can be edited simply, and new pages can be created with the click of a button; instantly following the same layout and style as all other pages, bringing cohesion to the website as a whole. 

corporate photography.

A good image bank was crucial when it came to the LFW re-brand in order to carry over aspects of the corporate identity into the imagery used on both in-house and external print and web materials. Capturing the vibrancy of the décor and corporate colours used on posters throughout the interior was vital in reflecting the LFW identity.

The challenge that was presented during shoots was to capture the intensity of the environment, which is very upbeat, productive and bright, without the images looking artificial and over produced. This was achieved through effective manipulation of natural light, combined with unique angles and composition.