the brief.

CHEC is an independent training organisation that provides education and training, management and project leadership to GP practices across the East Midlands. They required a new website to allow users to register, book and pay for their events. Along with this they also required a new library of corporate photography for both online and offline marketing.

website design.

corporate photography.

our approach.

Upon meeting with CHEC and discovering the task in hand we realised the 2 main issues with their old system was that it was hard for users to book and pay for the courses to attend, and it was also difficult for CHEC to manage the system in the back office.

The entire process needed to be streamlined and made much more efficient. We took time to learn who their target clientele is, and how they would go about booking onto courses. As well finding out more about their clientele, we needed to know how we could benefit the CHEC staff themselves.

We decided that providing an e-commerce solution would be the best option. Not only would this make life quicker and more convenient for those booking courses, but it would also mean that CHEC would have an online database of all attendees and transactions without the need of manual input.

As with any website design project, we kept to an underlying principle that every website should be easily updatable by the owner and as such the new website would be built on a content management system. Also, due to the number of people viewing websites on mobile devices we decided that a responsive website design was essential.

In early 2015 we approached Foundation to design and build a new website for the business to include an on-line booking and payment system for clients. They came on recommendation to ourselves from a previous client within our sector. Following an initial meeting to understand our requirements, Mark worked closely with us to design the full brief; fully researching and recommending design options to us.

Foundation provided us with a contract up-front detailing the timeframe and costs and they delivered the completed website on-time and within budget. Also provided was a face-to-face training programme for staff and on-going support where required. We are very happy with our website and have no hesitation in recommending Foundation to other prospective clients.

Jacqui Smith
Chief Executive

website design.

Due to CHEC already having a well established brand identity they were happy with, it was important that the new website design tied in perfectly to this to continue brand cohesion across their marketing materials.

We started by adapting the CHEC colour scheme from their logo and opted to make the blue the more prominent of the 2 colours, due to its connections to the healthcare industry within the UK.

From here we started to build on what we knew the website requirements were. Ease of use was paramount and as such, all navigation and information is laid out in a simple system following a suitable hierarchy.

Although CHEC is an educational organisation and not selling a product we knew imagery would play a key role in keeping users engaged with the website. Large heading images of seminars and CHEC branded material are used throughout the site.

responsive design.

In an age where people have a device on them nearly 24/7 the majority of website traffic now comes from mobile phones and tablets. As such, having a website that works perfectly on these devices is no longer an advantage, but a requirement.

The CHEC website was built to recognise a screen resolution and adapt to fit it, keeping all of the website content displayed in an appropriate way that is easy to navigate and understand.

content management.

Having the ability to update and control your own website ensures that it will never be out of date, and all of the hassle of having to liaise with a professional to implement changes is removed. As soon as a change needs to be made, it’s simple enough that anyone can do it there and then.

For CHEC this meant having the ability to create new courses for people to book onto and pay for. Being able to add new custom contact forms to book onto events that were not part of the online booking system, and also the day to day running of the site updating crucial information and news.

booking facility.

The key feature of the new CHEC website design is the online booking facility which allows users to register with the website, book and pay for the courses they wish to attend. The simple sign up system is designed to be as streamlined as possible for the user in order to make registering and booking as quick and painless as possible.

In addition to benefitting users in the way they interact with the website, the new booking facility allows the CHEC staff to easily add and amend courses as well as keep track of all of the users who have booked onto a course and all transaction details.

corporate photography.

The CHEC project was a challenging assignment that span across three full day shoots. The aim was to have a bank of images for both web and print use that illustrated CHEC’s commitment as a leading authority in healthcare education.  A good mix of images including lectures and seminars in action, and images that included the brand identity was required to achieve this.

Our industry knowledge and expertise were required to tackle some of the difficult shooting conditions we faced in order to provide professional grade image files which exceeded the expectations of our clients. For example, careful positioning of additional lighting in certain situations to achieve a balanced image that didn’t look unnatural.